How to Post a Blog: The Definitive Guide and 15 Free Examples




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How do you post a blog?

In days past, bloggers needed to possess considerable knowledge and experience with HTML before they could create their own website. Today, however, there are numerous free tools that can ease the process of getting started while still providing impressive results!

If you’re interested in posting a blog and want to get started quickly with minimal effort expended, then take note: today we’ll be discussing how it’s done! We’ll provide simple solutions for creating an online presence; moreover – as always – if you have any questions along the way don’t forget to reach out.

What You’ll Need

Ordinarily, a blog requires only an internet connection and a word processing program – though some preferred applications are also available.

You must decide whether you wish to host your blog on a cloud hosting platform like Google Sites or if you desire to operate the server yourself.

Step 1

Gather all of your indispensable components and resources before creating a blog. You must have:

Unadorned essays are the simplest way to get started; but, if you fancy a more demanding task, then I recommend delving into writing about your own experiences. If you’re having trouble coming up with topics for posts, simply craft one about how you overcame a hardship or accomplished an impressive feat – anything that illustrates a particular facet of your life!

By selecting from the array available options, it is possible to create a fully customized blog template in no time at all. When embarking on the process of constructing your very own website, there are countless choices. Let’s take a look!

If you prefer an easy-to-use tool over coding expertise, then an attractive drag-and-drop blog design can be downloaded instantly and deployed with ease. Create a custom layout using templates like one based on Bootstrap – this will ensure that your content is organized in an optimal fashion along with keeping your visitors’ attention on the blog posts themselves rather than on navigation menus and buttons.

Set yourself apart by incorporating aspects of originality and creativity into your blog creation process. Whether it be through images or video – don’t hesitate to experiment! Keep the uniqueness alive even after launching your new site with numerous exciting features such as Flipboard cards and animated GIFs.

Step 2

Regardless of whether one desires to post a blog or simply publish articles, the choice is ultimately yours.

As for format, there are several options available with respect to how you would like your entries posted. You could opt for a more conventional one-column layout; customize it with additional columns if desired; utilize two-columns and use indenting to enhance readability – the possibilities are virtually limitless!

Begin customizing your blog post by selecting its length.

Step 3

Are you content with your forthcoming endeavor? Then don’t neglect to set a timeframe for its launch.

By selecting a date, you can determine when it will be up and running. Don’t forget that this is an opportune time to outline the blog’s purpose; finding out what people are searching for and compiling useful articles on these queries could yield instant results!

Selecting an appropriate option during the initial stages of planning can transform a simple idea into a well-crafted story.

Step 4

Are you ready to take the plunge? Ensure that your blog is well-organized and accessible. Navigating through all this new content can be tricky, so it must be made user-friendly!

Manage your space effectively, make sure it’s clean and simple. Also consider creating an index page or menu bar – these make navigation easier than ever!

Step 5

The last step is to craft your headline. Use the sum total of its contents as a succinct introduction. Your post may exist within any given URL – so this is where you’ll insert it.

Step 6

Are you ready to initiate the process of live-blogging? Don’t worry, it’s easy. Begin by selecting an article from your niche and inserting that information into the video description.

Next, simply add the video to your channel with a quick title, let people know where they can access it on YouTube and begin sharing! You might also want to consider adding subtitles to make it easier for viewers who don’t speak English or require audio support in comprehending what you’re saying.

If you feel like posting an ongoing blog on YouTube, select ‘Let me know when there’s an update.’ This allows people who subscribe to your channel to be notified whenever an entry is posted – providing them with additional content at their convenience.


To achieve success with your blog, it’s essential to understand the mechanics. We’ve provided an array of tips and resources that can help you launch a successful online venture!

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