7 Steps to How to Start Writing a Blog (And Why You Should)




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How do you get started writing a blog?

For many individuals, the process of starting a blog can be daunting. Why don’t other writers talk about their experiences with blogging? Why is there so little information available on how to get started?

I am here to help! I’ve successfully navigated the treacherous terrain of launching my own website, as well as navigating through its initial phases. Below are seven essential steps that will help guide you through the process; all along providing useful insights into what lies ahead.

What You’ll Need

1. Your platform of choice (blogger, website or app).

For an established writer like myself, I find that it is essential to have a dedicated outlet for sharing their work. If you’re just getting started with digital marketing and unsure which blogging platform to select – don’t fret!

Gone are the days where we must all use the same tool in order to establish a digital presence; fortunately, there are many options available nowadays. For instance, some platforms allow users to create blogs as well as email lists and social media profiles within a single interface.

If you choose to host your blog on your own domain name, then this could provide up to 85% more exposure than if it’s hosted on someone else’s domain. Don’t forget: your own domain name is positioned at the top of search engine results pages (SERPs)!

Step 1

Eagerly awaiting the arrival of my new blog, I quickly stumbled upon a daunting task: choosing an enticing title. After all, that’s what people will see before anything else!

If you’re like me, then the process of crafting a captivating title can be quite vexing. Do you want your audience to get excited about my blog or its content? Or perhaps their curiosity is piqued – How can I possibly choose between those two options? What if choosing one over the other causes ripples in your life? If you are seeking out advice for starting a business venture or launching an enterprise initiative, then this article could provide some insights. However…

Like most things in life, there exists no definitive answer when it comes down to picking an appropriate title for your blog post. And while it may seem complicated at first glance, ultimately it simply boils down to recognizing what captures your audience’s attention most effectively.

Step 2

Your second objective is to attain notoriety and authority within your niche. This can be a demanding task – though not insurmountable!

The procedure involves regularly publishing content on your blog, often including interviews and guest posts from other authoritative figures in your field. Establish yourself as an authority by consistently putting out quality content; don’t just rely on this strategy alone!

Consider these: if you’re creating informative articles that are well-researched and relevant, you’ll quickly garner an audience of likeminded individuals who will eagerly anticipate each contribution. Indeed, the more frequently a blog is updated – particularly by content that’s well-crafted and rich in substance – the quicker it will gain traction with its readership base!

Step 3

Once you’re ready to publish, you must decide on a format. For example, if it’s time to start writing a blog post in Markdown, then choose the appropriate template to fit your needs. Create an attractive header with bolding and italics; put together an outline with subpoints and bulleted paragraphs; or construct an illustrated intro or article structure upon which you can base your write-ups.

Let your imagination run wild when creating your blog posts’ layouts. Try out various elements like color schemes, fonts, imagery – all while minimizing repetition so that each article feels unique.

Step 4

Are you ready to launch? If so, compose a few introductory sentences like these: “You’ve undoubtedly heard of content marketing – but have you become acquainted with the intricacies involved in blog writing? There are multiple elements that must be considered when crafting blog posts. Let me enlighten you on what each one entails!”

Are you captivated by the ongoing saga of how your audience became aware of your blog? Tell them about it!

As the custodian of information, it is imperative that we emphasize our mission and provide lengthy discourses on its significance. Demonstrate how your chosen niche has inspired other artists and offered them succor along their path; describe how they felt when confronted by adversity yet ultimately achieved success later down the line! Such anecdotes can yield an indelible impression of how critical it is for businesses to instill trustworthiness and integrity among patrons by adhering to lofty standards of conduct.

Step 5

Regardless of the niche, there’s no need to be intimidated by the scope of your topic. Start off small with a query or two that strike your fancy and then expand upon it as you gain confidence in your abilities.

Once you’ve settled upon a topic for your blog, determine how frequently you’ll write articles within that realm. This will not only impact when content is uploaded but also how often new posts are made available – perhaps even several times per day! In addition, we recommend committing to one post per week; this means you can truly devote time towards its creation without fretting over deadlines or such constraints. Over time, with practice this could be increased yet still remain adequate for fulfilling any audience demands with regular content updates!

Step 6

If you’ve just embarked on your path to becoming a professional author, it’s likely that you will require a platform from which to disseminate your thoughts.

Publishablity is another essential aspect of blogging for authors. You need to be sure that your content can be syndicated easily – which means ensuring it does not have any trouble being reposted or distributed on other platforms.

This process is referred to as ‘curation’. If you’ve got a handle on both these tasks, then it may be time for you to consider creating an account with one of the leading content curation apps such as Hootsuite or Raven Tools; or even take things into your own hands by manually curating your blog posts!


By harnessing the power of blogging, you can create a dynamic presence on your website and attract new visitors in no time. With an expansive audience at hand, they’ll perceive you as an authority figure in your field – a truly advantageous position from which to take!

Are you eager to begin writing? If so, we are here to support you along the way!

Spare a thought for those who have yet to venture into blogging; don’t fret, we are here to make it easier than ever. Whether you choose our platform or create your own bespoke one – we’ll assist with both processes.

If you’re interested in finding out more about our platform or seeking assistance in creating one, do not hesitate to contact us. We’d be happy to provide assistance!

We fervently hope that this article has provided you with a compelling reason to start a blog – and encouraged you to share it with others!

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